NOP Temporary Varience Drought Relief: Organic Ruminant Farmers

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Due to severe droubt conditions, the National Organic Program is providing a temporary varience to Ruminant Farmers in the affected areas.  AS stated in the NOP  Organic Insider Newsletter, “The drought of 2012 is the most serious to impact U.S. agriculture since 1988. As of August 15, 2012, Secretary Vilsack has designated 1,670 U.S. counties as natural disaster areas due to severe drought.”

Organic ruminant livestock–such as cattle, sheep, and goats–must consume at least 30 percent of their dry matter intake (on average) from certified organic pasture. The rest of their diet must also be certified organic, including hay, grain, and other agricultural products.

Temporary Varience Letter:

Affected Counties:

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