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About The Organic Consulting Firm

About The Organic Constulting Firm: Our Organic ConsultantsThe Founders of The Organic Consulting Firm, Karen Troxell and Shannon Murphy, have a wealth of practical experience in the organic industry. They have worked in all fields of the industry from raising organic crops and livestock to managing organic processing plants. The founders are active in today’s organic certification industry, working as consultants, inspectors, and reviewers managers for several certification agencies. Members of The Organic Consulting Firm continue to update their education, which allows The Organic Consulting Firm to provide clients with the best and newest methods, thus ensuring organic compliance.

The cumulative experience of The Organic Consulting Firm as growers and processors created an awareness of the difficulties in understanding the National Organic Program (NOP) and certification obstacles. As active participants in the organic certification process, they understand how to overcome those obstacles, but have been prevented from sharing this knowledge. One of the stringent rules of the NOP is that certifiers and their staff may not help clients overcome certification barriers. The Founders were frustrated with the inability to help within the certification process, knowing the answers yet prevented from helping due to NOP restrictions. This frustration led Karen and Shannon to launch The Organic Consulting Firm.